Enabling people to shop wherever they get inspired

  • Any website content becomes "shoppable" with relevant products and top brands.
  • The products are available for sale exactly where the demand is created.
  • Readers never leave the website - the shop and checkout experience is fully integrated.
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How it works

  • Targeted, premium editorial content drives sales.
  • Atosho's model is success-based - retailers only pay for sales generated.
  • Retailers own the customer and consumer data.

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  • Complete eCommerce solution including platform, administration and more than 1 million products.
  • Any content becomes "shoppable" without the users leaving the publisher website.
  • Simple integration.

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Atosho and The Danish Market Development Fund

Atosho receives a €700,000 grant by the Danish Market Development Fund due to the company's innovative technology and business potential.

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